Product Info

Bed Shaper 20

Bed Shaper 20"

  • Manufacturer: Little Wonder
  • Model Number: TRS-20H

Reshape and redefine beds with the BedShaper® from
Little Wonder. You'll create clean, sharp edges, even "S" curves,
at up to 100' per minute!

Rental Rates
  • Half Day

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  • Day

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  • Week

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  • Month

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  • The Little Wonder BedShaper® is packed with innovative and patented features that make it the most technically advanced and easiest to use edger on the market today.
  • BedShaper® lets you finish your current edging jobs quicker so that you can expand your business. 
  • Compare BedShaper® side-by-side to hand edging.
  • By edging up to 100' per minute, the innovative BedShaper® makes short work of your largest edging projects. Competitive machines can only edge 10' per minute.
  • The powerful notched blade slices through the soil and turf to create a clean, sharp edge guaranteed against chipping, breaking, bending, and delaminating.